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*IN STORE SPECIAL BUYS WALL ART Silver glitter Ballerina mirrored frame 100x60cm Silver glitter Angel wings mirrored frame 100x60cm Giraffe mirrored frame 100x60cm Cocktail Triple Glasses Mirrored Frame 100x60cm View from Central Park Mirrored Frame 100x60cm Audrey with Tattoo Liquid Wall Art 60x100cm Marilyn Bubble Gum Liquid Art 60x100cm Red Rose Heart Liquid Art 60x60cm Floating Angel Liquid Art 60x60cm Buddha Head Art 75x95cm Multi Coloured Zebras Mirrored Frame 60x60cm Ballerina Mirrored Frame 60x60 Tiger Mirrored Frame 60x60cm Perfume Bottle Mirrored Frame 60x60cm Tree By Sea Mirrored Frame 100x60cm 3 Galloping Horses Mirrored Frame 100x60cm Family Mirrored Frame 100x60cm Venice Piazza- Black/silver frame-wall art Pink Forest floor-white frame wall art Galloping Horses-silver frame wall art Red Heels-Black frame wall art Venice Bridge -silver frame wall art Triple Ballerina- coloured Tutus wall art Ballerina-Fusia tutu-White frame wall art Standing Ballerina-Pink Tutu-Silver frame wall art Central Park bridge landscape-silver frame Multi coloured Zebras- Black frame wall art Audrey- Breakfast at Tiffanys-stepped frame wall art Pink Heart Tree -white frame wall art Sitting Angel-silver frame wall art Round Perfume Bottle Refreshing Mojito Cocktail 60x60cm Reflection of Snowy Tree in Lake on Mirrored Frame 60x60cm STATEMENT PIECES SPARKLE BASE LAMP W/ SHADE - 24CM ALUMINIUM CANDLE HOLDER - 41CM TALL BOW DESIGN ALUMINIUM CANDLE HOLDER - 34CM FAT RING DESIGN PAIR OF RESING WINGS - CANDLE HOLDERS TALL RESIN WINGS ON STAND - 53CM RESIN WINGS ON STAND - 36CM DIFFUSER AND CANDLE SETS LANTERN WITH LEDCANDLE AND DEC BA4890 TEALIGHT HOLDER SET 6 BA4836 Tealight holders set of 9 pcs on wooden tray Tealight holders set of 9 pcs Autumn colours FLOWER VASES Wave Coffee Boxed Flower Display Swirl Coffee Boxed Flower Display Swirl Cream Boxed Flower Display Swirl Black Boxed Flower Display MIRRORS & WALL FRAMES Rhombus table lamp Rhombus Square Clock Rhombus "Seven" photoframe Rhombus "Three" photoframe Gatsby Collage Frame 7 Photoframe Gatsby Collage Frame 4 Photoframe Gatsby Frame 3 Photoframe Gatsby Frame 2 Photoframe Gatsby 60x80 mirror Gatsby Mirror 120x80 Seattle Mirror White 60x90cm Seattle Mirror Silver 60x90cm Seattle Mirror Champagne 60x90cm Gatsby Table Lamp Gatsby Cheval Silver Mirror Gatsby Round Silver Mirror 70x70cm Rhombus Round Silver Mirror 70x70cm Rhombus Mirror 70x110 cm Rhombus Mirror Medium 40x120 cm Rhombus mirror 60x80 Rhombus "Two" photoframe CHRISTMAS Christmas Led Remote Candle set of 3 140 LED supabright lights S/4 heart t-light holders on tray X-MAS BALL PS FOR PICTURES FLOWER WITH CLIP 20CM FLOWER POLYESTER WHITE 20CM FLOWER GREY POLYESTER 20CM NUTCRACKER 25CM SILVER BRANCH GLITTER 90CM SILVER BOW WITH SEQUINS 29CM SILVER ACRYLIC DIAMOND IN BOX 70 GRAM BOW 24CM GLITTER WHITE BOW 29CM GLITTER SILVER CANDLE ACRYLIC 18CM WITH LED LAMP WITH PIPELIGHTS 10LED WW LAMP WITH PIPELIGHTS 16LED WW LANTERN FIREPLACE LED 25CM ADVENT CALANDER 32CM DECO FRAME WOOD WITH LED 20CM DECO FRAME WOOD WITH LED 35CM DECO FRAME WOOD WITH LED 24CM DECO FRAME WOOD WITH LED 41CM CANDLE BRIDGE WOOD 7 LED WHITE LED CANDLE BALL 9CM DARK GREY LED CANDLE WAX BALL 9CM RED LED CANDLE WAX BALL 9CM WHITE STAR 30 LED WW 34CM CANDLE IN GLASS WITH GLITTER TEALIGHT SET OF 3PCS SILVER TEALIGHT SET OF 8PCS SILVER FLOWER ON PICK 20CM WHITE FLOWER ON PICK 20CM SILVER FLOWER ON PICK 21CM WHITE FLOWER ON PICK 21CM SILVER ANGEL RED MOVINGWITHMUSIC 32" ANGEL RED MOVINGWITH MUSIC 24" ANGEL GLD MOVINGWITH MUSIC 32" ANGEL GLD MOVINGWITH MUSIC 24" ANGEL WHT MOVINGWITH MUSIC 32" ANGEL MOVING WITH MUSIC 24" CHRISTMAS SILV GLITTER OILBURN SILV WONDERLAND TEALIGHT DBL SIL GLITTER XMAS STAR LED LGE SIL GLITTER XMAS STAR LED MED SANTA DOORSTOP STANDING ELF 38" STANDING ELF 25" NUTCRACKER PRINCE RED 36" NUTCRACKER PRINCE RED 24" NUTCRACKER PRINCE RED15" NUTCRACKER PRINCE RED 10" NUTCRACKER PRINCE SILVER 36" NUTCRACKER PRINCE SILVER 24" NUTCRACKER PRINCE SILVER 15" NUTCRACKER PRINCE SILVER 10" ROBIN FOLDING STORAGE BOX MAGIC CHRISTMAS FOLD STORAGE BX SNOW LED LIGHT PENTAGON S REINDEER LED LIGHT TRIANGLE L REINDEER LED LIGHT TRIANGLE S GLASS TRIANGLE Christmas XMAS TREE LED TRIANGLE SMALL ADVENT CALENDAR SANTA ADVENT CALENDAR NUT CRACKER ADVENT CALENDAR HOUSE ADVENT CALENDAR TRAIN ADVENT CALENDAR TRUCK ADVENT CALENDAR SLEIGH RIDE SANTA MOVING SITTING SILV 18" SANTA MOVING STANDING SILV 32" SANTA STANDING SILVER 18" SANTA STANDING SILVER 12" SILVER STANDING SANTA RED STANDING SANTA REINDEER BOY or GIRL RUSTIC 28" REINDEER BOY or GIRL RUSTIC 22" SANTA SITTING RUSTIC 24" SANTA STANDING RUSTIC 24" SANTA STANDING RUSTIC 18" SANTA STANDING RUSTIC 12" SANTA RED SITTING 18" SANTA RED STANDING 18" Tealight holder set on wooden plate HOME & GIFT OIL BURNERS & TEALIGHT HOLDERS SENTIMENTS OIL BURNER FAMILY SENTIMENTS OIL BURNER HOME SENTIMENTS OIL BURNER LOVE GIN, PROSECCO AND FIZZ Pinot Noir Bottle Candle Merlot Bottle Candle Wine (how the classy get wasted) GINdependent Woman We are in the garden drinking Prosecco Its always Wine oclock Its Gin oclock Gin Den Prosecco Bar All you need is love and wine One Wine…Two Wine…Three Wine..Floor Gin & Bear it SENTIMENTS DBL HEART PROSECCO SENTIMENTS DBL HEART GIN This House Runs on Plaque Time to Drink Prosecco Plaque GIN TO MY TONIC HEART ANIMAL LOVERS Donkey doorstop Im A Cat, Whats Your Superpower Bowl" Im A Dog, Whats Your Superpower Bowl" Cats Whiskers Mini Planter Bear Kawaii Friends Mug Beware Dog Kisses Crazy Cat Lady A spoilt cat lives here A spoilt dog lives here A dogs tail never lies SENTIMENTS DBLHEART LOVE & DOG SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME DOG LIGHT UP SIGNS AND ACCESSORIES Star Glow Frosted LED Light Small Galaxy Glow LED Light Large Infinity Stars Box Oblong Infinity Light Box Oblong Tall Lumiere Rectangle LED Box Large Friends Firefly Dome Light Clear Small Firefly Dome Light Clear Medium Firefly Dome Light Mercury Small Firefly Mercury Dome Gold Large Firefly Mercury Dome Copper Large Firefly Light Bulbs Tall Mirror Stripe Tube Small Firefly Mercury Dome Silver Large Antique Bulb Mirror Light Tall Antique Bulb Mirror Light Heart Loft Lights LED Wire Cactus Loft Lights LED Wire Star Loft Lights LED Wire Heart Star Glow Frosted LED Light Large Cinematic light up box Mini FIBRE OPTIC SPRAY SHINY HOTPNK FIBRE OPTIC SPRAY SHINY SILVER FIBRE OPTIC SPRAY SHINY BLACK SHINY PINK TWISTER GLITTERLAMP SHINY BLK TWISTER GLITTER LAMP SHINY SLV TWISTER GLITTER LAMP Lumiere Rectange LED box Family Lumiere square Led box Friends CUSHIONS Small Unicorn Sequin Cushion 40cm - Marilyn Sequin Cushion LOVE GOLD CUSHION - 45CM X 45CM HOME GOLD CUSHION - 45CM X 45CM CRUSHED SILVER CUSHION - 50CM X 30CM Pastel Cactus Cushion BUTTERFLY CUSHION - 50CM X 30CM BLUE BOW CUSHION - 45CM X 45CM White & Silver Mermaid Cushion Black & Silver Mermaid Cushion SEQUIN CUSHION PINK & GOLD SEQUIN CUSHION TURQUOISE 60cm - Marilyn Sequin Cushion ALL ABOUT FAMILY & FRIENDS Love Lines Plaque Mum Love Lines Plaque Nan Love Lines Plaque Sister Love Lines Plaque Daughter Love Lines Plaque Friends Love Lines Plaque Live Laugh Love Love Lines Plaque Family Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Family Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Auntie Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Mum Small Wooden Butterfly Nan Small Wooden Butterfly Daughter Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Nan Floral Words Plaque Small Sister Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Daughter HOME ACCESSORIES 3D DIY STICK WALL CLOCK THREE WISE MONKEYS COPPER 31CM Heart Shaped Wooden Coaster -Set Of 6Pcs Modern Morocco Tile Coaster - Set Of 4Pcs Touch Of Gold Round Mirror Mr & Mrs Gold Standing Letters Gold Love Standing Letters Gold Hello Standing Letters SENTIMENTS DBL HEART LOVE SUNBURST MIRROR CLOCK STRIPES CLOCK PHOTO FRAMES GLASS FRAMES Mirror & crystal photframe 8x10 Mirror & crystal photoframe 5x7 Mirror & crystal photoframe 4x6 Mirror Diamante Frame 4x6 Mirror Diamante Frame 5x7 SENTIMENTS FRAME LOVE 3"X3" SENTIMENTS FRAME FAMILY 3"X3" SENTIMENTS FRAME HOME 3"X3" SIL GLITTER HAPPY60THFRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME OUR BIG DAY SIL GLITTER HAPPY50THFRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME PS I LOVE YOU SIL GLITTER HAPPY40THFRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME THE GIRLS SIL GLITTER HAPPY30THFRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER HAPPY21STFRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME BEAUTIFUL BABY SIL GLITTER HAPPY18THFRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME WISHES DREAMS SIL GLITTER HAPPY16THFRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER HAPPYBDAYFRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER AMAZ NAN FRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER HENPARTYFRAME 4X6" SIL GLITTER AMAZ MUM FRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER LOVEMYDOGFRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER LOVEMYCATFRAME 4X6 SIL GLITTER MR&MRS FRAME 8X10" MIRROR DIAMANTE HEART FRAME 8X8" SIL GLITTER FAB FRIEND FRAME 4X6 MIRROR DIAMANTE HEART FRM 4X4" MIRROR DIAMANTE HEART FRM 6X6" WOODEN FRAMES Homespun Zinc frame double friends 4x6 Fresno collage frame Friends Fresno sentiment double frame Family Script Memories Frame Memories Script Memories Frame Friends Script Memories Frame Family Heart Prints Frame 6x4 Family Orford Sentiment Double Frame Friends Orford Sentiment Double Frame Memories Orford Sentiment Double Frame Family Madison Sentiment Frame Friends Madison Sentiment Frame Family Wicker Words Heart Frame Family Wicker Words Heart Frame Friends Fine Phrases Frame Family 4x6 Fine Phrases Frame Friends 4x6 Fine Phrases Frame Sisters 4x6 SENTIMENTS BEST FRIENDS FRAME SENTIMENTS BLUE 1ST YEAR FRAME SENTIMENTS PINK 1ST YEAR FRAME Rotating Picture Cube for 6 Photos SENTIMENTS HEART FRM NAN/G-DAD SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME AUNTIE SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME NIECE SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME CAT SENTIMENT HEART FRAME FRIENDS SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME COUSINS SENTIMENT HEART FRM G-DAUGHTER SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME SISTER SENTIMENTS HEART FRM G/PARENTS SENTIMENTS HEART FRM DAUGHTER SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME NAN SENTIMENTS HEART FRAME MUM HEART FRAME A TRUE LOVE STORY HEART FRAME HAPPILY EVER AFTER HEART FRAME DAUGHTER LITTLE GIRL HEART FRAME GRANDPARENTS LOVE FLAMINGO Tropical Flamingo Foldable Shopping Bag Tropical Flamingo Lunch Bag Pink Flamingo Bento Lunch Box Tropical Summer Flamingo A5 Notebook Inflatable Flamingo cup holder Turquoise paper napkins- Flamingo ON TREND SEQUIN CHRISTMAS UNICORN SEQUIN CUSH CHRISTMAS LLAMA SEQUIN CUSHION RAINBOW MERMAID CHILD BLANKET TURQ MERMAID CHILD BLANKET PINK MERMAID CHILD BLANKET Champagne & Cream Mermaid Cushion Rainbow Mermaid Blanket Blue Mermaid Blanket Pink Mermaid Blanket SEQUIN CUSHION HSH SIL & WHT SEQUIN CUSHION HSH GOLD & WHT SEQUIN CUSHION RAINBOW Dog sequin cushion Cat Sequin cushion LLAMA & MERMAID Lama sequin cushion Llama Money Box Lima Llama Lunch Bag Mermaid Cushion Mermaid money box Mermaid heart shape money box Lima Llama Glasses Case Lima Llama Coin Purse Mermaid Treasures Wash Bag Mermaid Treasures Nail Buffer & Clippers Mermaid Treasures Notebook Lima Llama A5 Notebook LLAMA NOTEBOOK A6 LED LIGHT UP 5 inch sceen LCD writing tablet -white 5 inch screen LED writing tablet- green 5 inch screen LCD writing tablet - Red 5 inch screen LCD writing tablet -Blue 5 inch screen LCD writing tablet -Black CINEMATIC LIGHT UP BOX ORIGINAL HEART 30 LED WW 33CM STAR WHITE NEON LAMP UNICORN PINK NEON LAMP FLAMINGO PINK NEON LAMP Mum Moon LED bottle Always my Mum LED Bottle Mermaid LED bottle Beleive your dreams LED bottle LED Fairy bottle light Nan LED bottle Friend LED bottle LED BOTTLE DAD MY HERO LED BOTTLE DAD IM AWESOME Family Life Begins LED Bottle LED BOTTLE COOL DADS Bless this home LED bottle BA6664 BAR RED NEON LAMP LED JAR MY FRIEND LED JAR HAPPY BIRTHDAY LED JAR FIZZ LED JAR FAMILY LED BOTTLE GRANDKIDS PINK LED BOTTLE BABY BOY UNICORN Unicorn Doorstop BA6294 Set Of 20 Rainbow Unicorn Napkins Set Of 8 Rainbow Unicorn Paper Cups Set Of 8 Rainbow Unicorn Paper Plates Unicorn doorstop Rose Gold Unicorn doorstop pink

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for your help, customer service was fantastic, so thank you again!


Hi, I received this today and all looks good thanks again for excellent customer service


I made an enquiry online asking if it was possible to have a delivery made at Bluewater instead of my home, Angie contacted me via email and said what i wanted would be delivered to Bluewater, excellent service, well worth the money paid


Fantastic place, could have spent lots of money on Christmas here! Brilliant quality and well worth the money


I have just received this beautiful ragdoll, a gift for my granddaughter. she is adorable, well made . well wrapped. well done Flutterbyes. you can always be relied upon for a special gift

Maureen G

Fantastic service, excellent product, will be regular customer as so much to choose from both in store and online :)


Clock arrived next day very well packaged, easy to hang and excellent quality, would recommend


I had to get this as it really suits my family ! great service fast delivery thanks


Love it ,came very fast and much cheaper than other shops. Would shop here again . Ps love the stuff you sell thanks

David B