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Soft Furnishings BLACK VELVET FOLDING BOX LARGE PINK VELVET FOLDING BOX LARGE BLACK VELVET FOLDING BOX PINK VELVET FOLDING STORAGE BOX GREY VELVET FOLDING STORAGE BOX FURRY CUSHION BLUE FURRY CUSHION MUSTARD FURRY CUSHION WHITE FURRY CUSHION GREY FURRY CUSHION PINK Gifts Wedding, Couple & Anniversary Gifts Script Memories Frame Wedding BRAND NEW MR & MRS MUGS SET OF 2 SILVER GLITTER LORD & LADYSHIP PLACEMATS SILVER GLITTER HIS & HERS PLACEMATS MIRROR HUBBY & WIFE WALL HOOK SET MIRROR HIS & HERS WALL HOOK SET MARBLE & GOLD MR MUG MARBLE & GOLD LORDSHIP MUG SILVER PLATED TWIN HORSE SHOE JUST MARRIED For Him (or her) HIS & HER MONEY BOX MUM & DAD MONEY BOX Baby & Childrens Gifts LITTLE STARS UNICORN DRINK BOTTLE LITTLE STARS UNICORN STORAGE BOX LITTLE STARS VEHICLE STORAGE BOX LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR STORAGE BOX LITTLE STARS DINO DRINK BOTTLE LITTLE STARS VEHICLES DRINKS BOTTLE 20cm cute baby Elephant with glitter ribbon 33cm Safari club Giraffe standing plush 27cm Safari club Zebra standing plush 25cm Safari club Lion standing plush 19cm Safari club Zebra floppy beanie plush 19cm Safari club Lion floppy beanie plush 19cm Safari club Giraffe floppy beanie plush 19cm Safari club Zebra sitting beanie 19cm Safari club Giraffe sitting beanie SENTIMENTS SILV 1ST YEAR FRAME SENTIMENTS SILV 1ST YEAR FRAME SENTIMENTS BLUE 1ST YEAR FRAME SENTIMENTS PINK 1ST YEAR FRAME SENTIMENTS BLUE 1ST YEAR FRAME BA9649 SENTIMENTS PINK 1ST YEAR FRAME BA9648 BABY GIRL FRAME-PINK BABY BOY FRAME-BLUE BLUE BOOTY MONEY BANK PINK BOOTY MONEY BANK BLUE ROCKING HORSE MONEY BANK BAMBOO ECO EATING SET FLAMINGO LITTLE STARS PRINCESS BEAKER LITTLE STARS PRINCESS PLATE LITTLE STARS PRINCESS CUTLERY LITTLE STARS PRINCESS BOWL LITTLE STARS PRINCESS PORTION TRAY LITTLE STARS PRINCESSES LUNCH BAG LITTLE STARS VEHICLES LUNCH BAG LITTLE STARS VEHICLES BOWL LITTLE STARS VEHICLES PORTION TRAY LITTLE STARS VEHICLES CUTLERY LITTLE STARS VEHICLES BEAKER LITTLE STARS VEHICLES SMALL LAPTRAY LITTLE STARS DINOSAURS LUNCH BAG LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR BOWL LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR PORTION TRAY LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR PLATE LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR CUTLERY LITTLE STARS DINOSAUR BEAKER LITTLE STARS DINOSAURS SMALL LAPTRAY LITTLE STARS UNICORNS LUNCH BAG LITTLE STARS UNICORN BOWL LITTLE STARS UNICORN PORTION TRAY LITTLE STARS UNICORN CUTLERY LITTLE STARS UNICORN PLATE LITTLE STARS UNICORN BEAKER Room Fragrance SETDESIRE TROPICAL DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET DESIRE TROPICAL DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET BB0191 DESIRE TROPICAL DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET DESIRE TROPICAL DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET White Lily DIFFUSER 200ML White Lily 50ML DIFFUSER/CANDLE PEACH BLUSH DIFFUSER 200ML PEACH BLUSH 50ML DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET POMEGRANATE DIFFUSER 200ML POMEGRAN 50 ML DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET SALTED CARAMEL DIFFUSER 200ML SALTED CARAMEL 50ML DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET VANILLA CREME DIFFUSER 200ML VANILLA CREME 50ML DIFFUSER/CANDLES SET Mum & Nan Scattered stars Mum love you more cushion Im a Mum whats your super power mug Scattered stars Mum love you more frame Scattered stars Mum love you more mug Scattered stars love you more teapot Scattered stars Mums preciuos things trinket dish Im a mum whats your superpower cushion Love Lines Plaque Mum Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Mum Photo Phrases Wall Frame Mum Floral Words Butterfly Plaque Small Nan 16 x 16"Reserved for Grandma square cushion 16x 16" reserved for Mum square cushion Mum in Million trophy Mum in a million mug with tag Best Mum wine glass in box No1 Mum keychain 18cm Grey Mum bear WATERCOLOUR BEST MUM EVER KEYRING WATERCOLOUR BEST MUM EVER NOTE BOOK WATERCOLOUR BEST MUM EVER PURSE WATERCOLOUR FOREVER MY MUM SCENTED CANDLE WATERCOLOUR FOREVER GRANDMA MUG WATERCOLOUR LOVE YOU MUG WATERCOLOUR BEST MUM SCENTED CANDLE WATERCOLOUR LOVE YOU SCENTED CANDLE GIN GLASS FAB FRIENDS Photo frames Mirror sentiment frames SILVER GLITTER HAPPY 60TH FRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME OUR BIG DAY SILVER GLITTER HAPPY 40TH FRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME THE GIRLS SILVER GLITTER HAPPY 21ST FRAME 4X6 SILVER MIRROR FRAME BEAUTIFUL BABY SILVER GLITTER HAPPY 18TH FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER HAPPY 16TH FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER AMAZING NAN FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER HEN PARTY FRAME 4X6" SILVER GLITTER LOVE MY DOG FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER LOVE MY CAT FRAME 4X6 SILVER GLITTER FAB FRIEND FRAME 4X6 Sentiment Glamour Boutique Floating Crystal collection Floating crystal table lamp + shade Floating crystal square Clock LED floating crystal mirror 110x70 LED HEART FLOATING CRYSTAL MIRROR Floating crystal Vase Medium - Mirror Side Floating crystal Dressing Table Mirror Floating crystal Cube Floating crystal Side Stand Floating crystal Round Clock Floating crystal Heart Mirror Floating crystal Photoframe 8x6cm Floating crystal "Two" Photoframe Floating crystal Photoframe12x10cm Floating crystal Console TableTop & Base Floating crystal "Seven" photoframe Floating crystal "Three" photoframe Floating crystal Single photoframe Floating crystal floor lamp + shade Floating crystal Round Silver Mirror 70x70cm Floating crystal Mirror 70x110 cm Floating crystal mirror 60x80 Elite collection Hollywood 15 Bulb Free Standing Crystal Mirror 80x114cm Hollywood 12 Bulb Free Standing Silver Mirror 60x80cm Square Mirrored Wall Clock Round Mirrored Wall Clock Square Crystal Mirrored Classic triple bar mirror SILVER 120X80 cm Wall Art Lady in Dress artwork Lady in Hat artwork 4 Splash Glasses on Mirror Trio Coloured Cocktails Coloured Glitter on Mirror Silver Glitter Family on Smoke Glass Abstract Artwork White/Black Abstract Artwork-Smoke/White Abstract Artwork-Bronze/White Silver Glitter Swarovski Tree Metallic Splashed Bubbles on Smoke Trio of White Flowers on Mirror Blue Gin Bottle & Glasses on Mirror Celebration art work Pink Champagne Splash on Mirror Trio of Lillys Artwork Trio of Champagne Glasses Clarence The Lion Triple bar collection Classic Triple Bar Mirror Crystal 60 cm x 80 cm Triple bar Dressing table mirror Classic Triple Bar Mirror Crystal 120 cm x 80 cm Classic triple bar mirror crystal 120x 40cm Triple bar Crystal table lamp silver + shade Triple bar Photoframe "1" Crystal Mirror Stool with Cushioned Seat Classic Triple Bar Mirror Crystal Silver 70 cm x 180 cm Triple bar Cheval Mirror Crystal Classic Triple Bar Square Clock Console Table with Crystal Triple Bar Crystal Floor Lamp + shade Classic Triple Bar Collage 7 Frame Triple bar photoframe "2" Triple bar photoframe "7" Triple bar photoframe "5" Triple bar photoframe "3" Statement lighting Arc Floor chrome Lamp with shade Arc Table Chrome lamp With Shade 5 Arm Floor Lamp Chrome 5 Arm Floor Lamp White Shade 5 Arm Floor Lamp Chrome 3 Arm Floor Lamp Chrome Statement Mirrors Heart mirror Champagne - Large Cheval LED 916 Mirror 44.5x158 Heart Mirror champagne 77cm x 67cm- Medium Scroll Mirror Champagne 89 cm x119 cm Scroll Mirror Champagne 89 cm x169 cm Scroll Mirror Silver 89 cm x 119 cm Scroll Mirror Silver 89 cm x 169 cm Mosaic Bow Mirror Silver 120 cm X 80cm Mosaic Bow Mirror- Silver 60 cm x 90 cm Mosaic Double Mirror - Silver Mosaic Heart Mirror with Rose design Mosaic Cheval - Silver Ornate Mirror Antique Silver 77.6 cm x 108 cm Ornate Mirror Champagne 77.6 cm x 108 cm Ornate Mirror Distressed White 77.6 cm x 108 cm Juliette Mirror Antique Silver 180 cm X 90cm Juliette Mirror Champagne 180 cm x 90 cm Juliette Mirror Distressed White 180 cm x 90 cm Solid Silver Glitter Cluster on Mirror Sparkle Collection Cheval Flat Bar Mirror Silver Stripe 40 cm x 150 cm Dressing Table Mirror Silver Stripe 78 cm x 54 cm Classic Flat Bar Mirror Silver Stripe 40 cm x 120 cm Classic Flat Bar Mirror Silver stripe 120 cm x 80 cm Classic Flat Bar Mirror Silver Stripe 60 cm x 80 cm Moving Cogs Clocks Cog wall clock Large Antique Roman Numeral Round Clock Roman Numeral Skeleton Round Clock Roman Numeral Square Clock with moving cogs Roman Numeral Round Clock Glamour Glamour Side Table Glamour Silver Mirror 40 cm x120cm Glamour Silver Mirror 60 cm x 80cm Glamour Silver Mirror 70 cm x 180cm Glamour Silver Mirror 80 cm x120cm Glamour Silver 4 Collage photo Frame Glamour Silver 7 Collage photo Frame Glamour Photo Frame "1" Glamour Photo Frame "2" Glamour Photo Frame "3" Glamour Fireplace & Coal effect Insert Glamour Nest of Tables set of two Glamour Table Lamp + shade Crystal Collection Crystal "Family" on mirror Crystal "Peace" on mirror Crystal Triple Line Table Lamp + shade Crystal Round Side Table - Large Crystal Round Side Table - Medium Crystal Mirrored Wall Clock BA9858 Crystal Silver Tray Crystal single silver photo frame Crystal Hollywood mirror-free standing Crystal silver heart mirror Crystal nest of two tables Crystal ovals Mirror Silver 80x80cm Crystal Round Pillar Table Lamp + shade Crystal Square Table Lamp + shade Crystal Heart Table Lamp + shade Crystal Mirrored Wall Clock-Square Crystal Sideboard Silver Crystal Bed Side Table Crystal Pillar Side Table - Medium Crystal Pillar Side Table -Large Crystal Angled TV Unit - 110 cm x 50 cm x 45cm Crystal Angled 5 Drawer Dressing Table - 118 cm x 40 cm x 80.8cm Crystal Coffee Table 110 cm x 60 cm x 40cm Crystal Angled 5 Drawer Chest - 90 cm x 40 cm x 80 Crystal Occasional Side Table Medium 35 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm Crystal Occasional Side Table Large 35 cm x 35 cm x 76 cm Crystal Angled 3 Drawer Bedside 46cm x38cm x66.8cm Crystal Angled 5 Drawer Tall Chest - 46 cm x 38 cm x100 cm Crystal Angled 2 Drawer Console Table - 120cm x 40cm x80cm Crystal Fireplace & Coal Effect Insert 120x32x107cm Crystal Console Table - 2 Draw Crystal Console Table with Draw 110 cm x 36 cm x 81cm (LWH) Crystal 70cm x 180cm wall mirror Crystal 60cm x 80cm wall mirror Crystal 120 cm x 40 cm wall mirror Crystal Clock Crystal Floor lamp + shade Crystal Collage Frame 7 Photoframe Crystal Collage Frame 4 Photoframe Crystal Frame 3 Photoframe Crystal "Home" on mirror Crystal Frame 2 Photoframe Crystal "Love" on mirror Crystal Dressing Table Mirror Crystal 60cm x 60cm wall mirror Crystal 80 cm x 120 cm wall Mirror Crystal Cheval Silver Mirror Crystal Silver photo Frame Mirror 4x6/5x7 Crystal Silver photo Frame Mirror 8x10 Silver collection SILVER ART ANGEL 32" SILVER ART ANGEL 16" Silver Art SILVER ART LEAF VASE 16.5" SILVER ART LEAF VASE 9.5 " BELLE FLEUR VASE-SMALL SILVER GLITTER JEWELLERY BOX SILVER GLITTER CLOCK SILVER GLITTER PLACEMATS SET 2 SILVER GLITTER COASTERS SET 4 SILVER GLITTER CANDLE PLT 20CM SILVER GLITTER CANDLE PLT 10CM SILVER GLITTER DOUBEL TEA-LIGHT HOLDER SILVER GLITTER OIL BURNER SILVER GLITTER FRAME 8X10 SILVER GLITTER FRAME 5X7 SILVER GLITTER FRAME 4X6 Silver Angel Wing On Base - Left Silver Angel Wing On Base - Right HEART & SILVER FRAME 8X10 HEART & SILVER FRAME 6X8 HEART & SILVER FRAME 5X7 HEART & SILVER FRAME 4X6 DIAMANTE SILVER WINE GLASS DIAMANTE SILVER GIN GLASS DIAMANTE SILVER COUPE GLASS DIAMANTE SILVER MARTINI GLASS DIAMANTE SILVER FLUTE DIAMANTE SILVER STEMLESS FLUTE DIAMANTE SILVER STEMLESS WINE Hollywood 5 Arm Candelabra 90 cm Hollywood Candle Holder- Medium Hollywood Tea-light holder-small Hollywood Tea-light Holder Goblet- Small Hollywood Tea-light holder Goblet -large Hollywood Candle Holder Large Hollywood Tea-light holder-Medium Hollywood Tea-light holder-Large Hollywood Tea-Light holder Goblet-Medium Hurricane holder LA1215 Hurricane holder Hollywood 5 Arm Candelabra 40 cm Hollywood Decor bowl SILVER ART ANGEL 24" Figurines 16" Ballerina (arms together) 17" Ballerina 16" Ballerina 12"L Elephant 17"L Elephant 19" Trio Elephants 9" Cherub Sitting 12" Six Cherubs Sitting 22" Leaf Decorative Tray 16" Elephant Head Wall Mounted 18" Zebra Silver Natural World Collection NATURAL WORLD TIGER NATURAL WORLD LION NATURAL WORLD ELEPHANT BUST NATURAL WORLD ELEPHANT & CALF NATURAL WORLD HORSE BUST NATURAL WORLD ELEPHANT NATURAL WORLD REARING HORSE NATURAL WORLD HORSE 14" Girl Reading On Bench 20" Antler Head 18" Couple With Umbrella Trio Kids on Fence Trio Kids on Branch 15" Girl & Dog 9" Boy and Girl Sitting on bench 17" Standing Monk 25" Standing Monk 9" Speak No Evil - Monk 9" Hear No Evil - Monk 9" See No Evil - Monk 24" Meditating Monk 12"L Ballerina - Two Girls 20" Human Evolution Silver Trio Pulling Rope 14"L Helping Hand 8" Wise Monkey - Hear No 8" Wise Monkey - See No 8" Wise Monkey - Speak No 13" Horse 22" Giraffe Silver 16" Length 5 Horses 20"L Walking Animals 24"L Trio Animals

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for your help, customer service was fantastic, so thank you again!


Hi, I received this today and all looks good thanks again for excellent customer service


I made an enquiry online asking if it was possible to have a delivery made at Bluewater instead of my home, Angie contacted me via email and said what i wanted would be delivered to Bluewater, excellent service, well worth the money paid


Fantastic place, could have spent lots of money on Christmas here! Brilliant quality and well worth the money


I have just received this beautiful ragdoll, a gift for my granddaughter. she is adorable, well made . well wrapped. well done Flutterbyes. you can always be relied upon for a special gift

Maureen G

Fantastic service, excellent product, will be regular customer as so much to choose from both in store and online :)


Clock arrived next day very well packaged, easy to hang and excellent quality, would recommend


I had to get this as it really suits my family ! great service fast delivery thanks


Love it ,came very fast and much cheaper than other shops. Would shop here again . Ps love the stuff you sell thanks

David B