Golden Buddha with Water Cups Water Feature

Golden Buddha with Water Cups Water Feature

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Golden Buddha wt Water Cups Water Feature

Measures approx 21 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm 

Water features includes:

  • Golden Buddha with Cups
  • Base bowl
  • pump & filter 
  • electric cable & fitted UK plug 
  • full instructions 

Everything you need- just add water and plug in. 

Packaged in gift box 

6 Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains
  • Relaxing Ambiance. The calming sound of water trickling in an indoor fountain can create a relaxing ambiance for any room. ...
  • Aesthetic, Beautiful Appeal. ...
  • Improves Air Quality. ...
  • Doubles as a Humidifier. ...
  • Improves Quality of Life. ...
  • Low Maintenance.