Desire Aroma Chamolile Fragrance Oil 500ml Refill

Desire Aroma Chamolile Fragrance Oil 500ml Refill

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Desire Aroma Chamomile Fragrance Oil 500ml Refill

Chamomile, has a deep calming effect, good for insomnia and has a warm herbaceous fruity aroma 

Designed to work with Desire Aroma Air Purifying Fragrance Lamps, each fragrance contains aromatic essential oils and 90% isopropyl alcohol.

*Desire Fragrance Lamps available to purchase separately.

Desire Fragrance Oils can only be used with Desire Aroma Air Purifying Fragrance LampsDo not use with other types of fragrance diffusers.

Bottle Capacity: 500ml.

How does it work?

Air-purifying fragrance lamps fill your home with a delightfully fresh scent, but they also diffuse ultra-fine alcohol particles through the air which eliminate bad smells.

You can use the Desire Fragrance Lamps in any room of your house or apartment: living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, or hallway entrance.

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