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Natural Himalayan salt lamp single candle holder

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Himalayan Natural Salt Tea Light Holder

Weight: 0.7-1.5 kg

A beautiful handmade Himalayan Crystal Natural salt Tealight Holder. Made with pure Himalayan natural pink crystals. Due to this being a purely natural item no two will ever be the same

Studies and researches show that Himalayan Crystal Natural salt Tea Light Holder are amazing things. They provide to us unlimited benefits. One of the key benefit of Himalayan Crystal Natural salt Tealight Holder is Negative Ions which protect us against the Positive Ions around us.

When The T-light holder starts to get heated with its candle heat then it starts its work, it will start throwing Negative Ions around us which are makes the balance against Positive Ions and protect us against Positive Ions.

Now in modern days Positive Ions are everywhere around us. Its comes from TV, Microwaves, Mobile Phone Signals etc. These waves are not good for our health that's why we need salt lamp or Himalayan Crystal Natural salt Tealight Holder in bed room, sitting room, office and study room for our naturally good health.

Rich in benefits also look beautiful.

Himalayan Crystal Natural salt Tea light Holder sale according to there weight. Its a natural product color and size will be very from light pink to light red. One natural salt candle holder always bit different to other.

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