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Fairy Springer - Forget-me-not (Phoebe)

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"Meet the Fairies that love Flowers, such an enchanting place to be"

Each Fairy is as unique as the next, each with their own name and style,

Phoebe Forget-me-not

Phoebe says her lovely dress is a cluster of small flowers without fairy magic, making her dress would take hours.

Imagine a Forget-me-not and Phoebe will appear, Phoebe, the forget-me-not can come to life all year.

Each fairy is attached to a long coiled spring like cord with a hanging loop to the top, you simply hang in your desired place an watch

as the gentle breeze will "play" with each Fairy.

Size H:33 cm x w:14 cm x D:9 cm

Create your very own Fairy kingdom in your own garden....

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