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Our Gorgeous Cozy long hot water bottles will keep you warm & cosy all year round!

These unique long hot water bottles are perfect for cuddling up on the couch or in bed with to stay warm or wrap them around your tummy, back or shoulder to help alleviate muscle pain and cramp.

Each one comes with a 72cm long rubber bottle that can hold up to 2L of hot water, and is finished with a soft, fluffy faux fur cover with two pom poms.

Choose from a range of gorgeous 3 colours.

• Unique long shaped hot water bottle
• Choose from a range of colours
• Fluffy cover with pom poms
• Rubber bottle conforms to British Standards
• Screw top lid
• 2L capacity
• Approx. W19.5 x L72cm

To use: Simply unscrew the cap on the top and fill two thirds of your bottle with hot (not boiling) water.

Release any air from the bottle by lowering it carefully onto a flat and even surface until the water is visible from the top opening.

Finally screw the top completely shut, ensuring there are no leaks and drying any water drops from the funnel.

When not in use, drain completely and store with the stopper removed.

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