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Aroma Humidifier-White Tree of Life Design- with Remote

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White ceramic Humidifier-Ideal way to add the scent of your choice in any room of your home, office or relaxation space.

Remote control included. "Seeing the light" Design

Colour changing feature-choose your colour or let it run through the cycle of colourways the light will shine through the design and create a stunning pattern.

Simply remove the ceramic dome, inside you will find a water chamber, remove the lid and fill with tap water and a few drops of your favorite oil.

Replace the lid and then place the ceramic dome back in place.

Plug in and press the button on the front to choose timer setting- the Humidifier will automatically switch its self off after the chosen desired time or if it runs out of water...(great safety feature)

The humidifier will create a dry - cold mist which will emit from the top of the Ceramic dome releasing the scent of your choice into your room.

The perfect way to create eco friendly fragrance - no aerosols- just water & Oil

At no point does the water get hot and the mist is cold - so no dampness or risk of burns

Comes packaged in matching gift box.

Measures 20 cm high x 14 cm wide

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